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the Cassate drought relief ripoff.



the Cassate drought relief ripoff. Some time in the year 2006 Dave Collins and Derek Pyrah were unhappy that not enough money flows in the VAP account in the Philippines. This can be demonstrated in several mails exchanged I have in file. In these mails they are looking for ways to increase their income “for the poor and needy” out side the Rotary where apparently the collect didn’t work as they wanted to.
the Cassate drought relief ripoff.

The Matching Grand Applications to TRF were slow to produce, too bureaucratic for a Collins as anxious he can be. They decided to seek instant gratification by inventing a Darfour situation in the North of the island in a place named Ubay in the village of Cassate. Remember the golden rule:
he Cassate drought relief ripoff.

"Expand on an existing known problem where the people involved can be manipulated with strong emotion."the Cassate drought relief ripoff.

In that village living an American missionary form a church, or what ever the Christian denomination is, called Crossworld. I’ll call it an organization. Her organization built a camp there that building after building became a modern and a 30 hectares huge  place in the middle of the usual  Philippines decor, poverty, that is,  with no really clear purpose, other than in exchange of  some services to children they will have to study the Bible.  I visited the Karr camp – its name-  and interviewed Cory Anne  for the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran Web site since she was a member of this club. I did not really notice any particular compassion towards the poor and needy there; I even understood that there are instances where she had payable activities as well. the Cassate drought relief ripoff.

When Derek visited her camp he was very excited of  what he was seen, and I’m sure the first thing  he did is to take a look in the assets and numbers of her organization cross that every one can consult online. But Collins was reluctant to nominate her “manager” fearing that this may lead to other preferences to his detriment. Eventually, she was nominated, and like any manager of the VAP was awarded the PHF. It was part of Derek’s strategy to show the donors how serious his org is and by whom is managed. But I never knew who was giving his!... May be he  was awarding himself…

Back to our Darfour project, it wasn’t an easy ride for the “brothers”. As you can read in the mails exchanged Cory Ann has been the Golden apple of discord once again, because Collins did not digest the direct contact Pyrah had with her without passing through him first. But that wasn’t the only disagreement they had. By reading line after line you’ll see they were looking for the best way to make it a real Darfour so donors can run to the rescue. Read and judge by yourself. the Cassate drought relief ripoff.

If exaggerated actions as these were common by the “brothers” I didn’t know that it was done  with the blessing of the “sister”. 

the Cassate drought relief ripoff.


 In effect, she new the whole scam. At first she wasn’t really in agreement with it, but after a second thought and some pressure she said the “I do”  Why? Collins and Pyrah couldn’t find any other place or a credible person as Cory was then to endorse the operation "Darfour" as a real critical situation “ that if we don’t act hundreds of children will die from starvation”. Starvation in the Philippines? Malnutrition, yes, except some isolated cases here and there no deaths of starvation ever recorded in the Philippines. As for her own benefit in this operation she gained something her church didn’t allow: A budget to maintain a day care feeding in Cassate, and also bring a child once in a while to a hospital “for the picture ” so the VAP can raise 100 times the money she spent.

The operation Cassate drought relief paid off: A lot of money was sent by many clubs, from Manila to Cebu, from the US Canada, Australia, corporations and individuals. Do you know what these children got? A plastic bag they named "bundle of joy" repeated in three deliveries. 

You know what a “bundle of joy” is? The one the children holding up "for the picture" A plastic bag containing I kilo of rice= 20 pesos in 2006, 2 cans of sardines = 10 pesos 1 pack of noodles = 5 pesos. Total per bag= 35 pesos = .70 cents of the US dollar  The pack of milk you see in the photo was donated by a corporation in Manila. There was only 200 children present which makes it 140 dollars per delivery but I’ll take Derek’s number that were 500 children. The cost goes to 350 dollars and I’ll take also Collins assertion that he made 5 deliveries and not 3 as I was told by other sources. This make the total cost of 1,750 dollars. How much they raised? No one knows. They instructed the donors to send the money here:

the Cassate drought relief ripoff. the Cassate drought relief ripoff.

To themselves, instead of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran account. Cory Anne knew, because she was instructed also to direct donations –if any- to this account. But she still continues to collaborate with them. Shame on you!!! Look at the list at your left. It's only partial but brought more than 20,000 dollars in cash plus some goodies from corporations. From one club only in Hawaii they received $900.00 

 the Cassate drought relief ripoff.

Of-course, no such account bearing the name of RC of Tagbilaran existed. Collins pretended that he never received his mail. The truth is that he didn't know what to tell him about the account name. George did not understand what RWACS VAP account was, it didn't make sense to him and send it to RC of Tagbilaran / VAP and was rejected. I forwarded his mail to Collins and eventually the money was wired. To the RAWCS/VAP account.

That's where the donors were instructed to wire donations.Cory Anne knew that this was a rip-off, she was included as a recipient in this mail. She accepted the job. Look at this mail They instructed the donors to send to and account that the rotary Club of Tagbilaran had no idea of its existence

 the Cassate drought relief ripoff.

 ONE MORE THING To the RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) and particularly to Len Bolden former Chairman for the last 3 and half years and treasurer Jack Elliott: the Cassate drought relief ripoff.

Gentlemen, as you can read, they had –and probably still have it- an account named RAWCS /VAP in a bank in the Philippines with custodians Dave Collins and Dioscoro UY PP of RCT and manager of this bank. How one can open such an account in their names? To my knowledge, and the principle is the same all over the world, to open a corporate account the bank requires corporation constitution documents, directors, manager and more. Have you authorized Collins and Uy to use your entity for the opening of a bank account under the name of RAWCS? He - Derek Pyrah - was directing them to a similar account to his web site until removed. My revelations obliged…. the Cassate drought relief ripoff.

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