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The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.
The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

The trial-Dave Collins testimony

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.


The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

o, is not over. Because no one wants it over….! I whish some would, so I can shutdown this site and go to Disneyland! But no way!... They all like the saga,including the RI, even Collins enjoy it, hoping I will detail his testimony on this blog as it is said in court. I will, but not yet. His testimony is still in the early stage, he has only testified for 40 minutes the first day and postponed the continuation to 35 days later. Talk about rush!...The trial-Dave Collins testimony

May be he finds the proceedings entertaining, the talk of the Rotary community, the occasion to talk about his PHF awards and his contribution to the poverty alleviation in the Philippines using other peoples’ money. But who’s listening? The judge? He doesn’t care about awards and medical missions. He’s there to find out if any one has been libeled and why. The trial-Dave Collins testimony

The court audience? It is exclusively composed by members of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran vested in their club attire coming in support to their PP – the accused – Luella Bantol. But me, Evan, I’m listening more than any one else, willing to share the truth with the Rotary community and others. As you already guessed it, I fully disagree, that’s why I’m here again.The trial-Dave Collins testimony

I will skip Former Rotarian Cory Anne Verge testimony.. Nothing to read about, a waist of bandwidth, same garbage as the previous two witnesses, better go directly to Collins garbage......

Lets get started. I will paste below a sentence of his deposition during direct examination by his lawyer as the first point of disagreement, a shameful distortion of the facts, a slap in the face of the Rotary Club of Corrimal in Australia and others The trial-Dave Collins testimony

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.


The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

He’s talking here about his brother Tom Collins living in the USA, having no ties to the Philippines, I’m not sure if he has ever visited the country. This is the best joke I’ve ever heard, rivaled only to the statements some other witnesses previously made, as to whether or not the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM was a Rotary organization or not.

So, what it was? What else an organization where the board of directors, the managers, the supporters, were all exclusively Rotarians? An organization endorsed as a Rotary project by the Rotary district 9750 in Australia AND the Rotary district 3860 in the Philippines? An organization funded by Rotary clubs and individual donations given by Rotarians? Where part of these donations was “ invested” as seed money to the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran applications for Matching Grants? Rotary was everywhere in his speeches, actions and criticism too. The trial-Dave Collins testimony

Folks, in the year 2001, as he put the creation of the VAP, there was nothing. Zero activity. Dave and Baby Collins, like any other expat who builds a luxury mansion in the middle of a hungry and suffering indigenous locals, had to buy some peace for being arrogant. They had received several complains for installing high voltage electrified wires right on the shore where their mansion is, 6 trained German Shepherd dogs their barking would be heard way far in the village, armed guards 24/24 in the entrance, labor disputes with their workers over payment of wages and more. No other expat in the area felt the need of such security measures. They were afraid of whom and for what?

Feeling the hostile climate closing in, they launched an image polishing operation in their neighborhood, giving away a few kilos of rice here, some cans of sardines there, some used clothing and vitamins. In the year 2002, Collins met Derek Pyrah, a member of the Rotary club of Corrimal in AU, who at that time was with an INTERPLAST medical mission in Bohol and together started weaving the dream, be partners on a scam to defraud the Rotary that is, each bringing his talent and competence as needed. So, where was Tom Collins? No one ever heard about him as been part of the VAP. The rest of the story, what happened there after, no need to be mentioned today. It was said and repeated time and again, but if new on this site, or need refreshing your memory, click on the links to the left and read.

In another part of his deposition we can read this: The trial-Dave Collins testimony



Yeah, right

Yeah, right, already in evidence… But he didn’t say when it was incorporated! It was in December 2007 and after my revelations, in rush and panic, because they were conducting construction business like building stinky dry -waterless- toilets and useless water tanks without the proper business licenses!... click here to see the “evidence” document he’s talking about The trial-Dave Collins testimony

Then, CoDave Colins went on glorifying the VAP golden years of 2006-2007 where plenty of Matching Grants money, ( about $US 100,000.00) and the same amount from Clubs and individuals -Rotarians around the world. He said: “ Never in the history of our district has any club been granted 5 Matching Grants simultaneously” But he should add , “Not even in the history of TRF (Rotary foundation) this has happened before”

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.


So, how this has happened? Dave Collins is opening the Pandora’s box, in my turn, I’m opening the bag releasing Aeolus fierce winds, as destructive to the evil they can be, but as serene the day after may be. There will be an extensive discussion and presentation of facts as to how Collins ( Not the Rotary club of Tagbilaran) have been able to obtain 5 MG at once, while others are standing in line for years trying to find a sponsor to get just one! But first this The trial-Dave Collins testimony

.-All along this investigation that started 2 years ago, I have received valuable support and information from just simple members of a Rotary club, to true Rotarians, up to high ranking Rotarians from AU and the Philippines. They all were and still are active members-with the exception of one – . As you’ll read below in a sample of un unpublished yet correspondence, they all loved and cared about Rotary, advising me, that I should focus on those few who dishonored its reputation, but spare Rotary’s one. The trial-Dave Collins testimony

Lets take a look, please, it’s important that you notice the sending date. For confidentiality reasons, I erased anything that could identify this prominent Rotarian, I will be addressing him as “Bob”, not his real name, but so popular name in AU!.... Elaine, as mentioned, he means Elaine Lyttle, an early fighter struggled to control the damages the VAP suffered, but no success. The double DD, is about the initials of Dave and Derek. Here is the mail. It was in response to some answers I was looking about the RAWCS.


The trial-Dave Collins testimony.


The trial-Dave Collins testimony.


The Rotary should be flattered for having such dedicated Rotarians in its ranks, as I was once, “Bob” sent this in, when he felt how determined I was to unmask anyone, going further than the VAP and the double Ds, but not knowing everything I had in file that implicates more than that, including RI directors and most incriminating, Matching Grants approving supervisors sitting in Evanston.

Bob, with all due respect, I thank you very much for all your support, I assure you that no hard feeling here for your decision to remain silent for long time now, as others did the same. I understand that my persistence of going all the way to the truth, regardless the rampage living behind, interfered with your desire to be limited to just a few bad apples and spare those who permitted the fraud. The trial-Dave Collins testimony

I put you on a cruel dilemma of having to continue supporting a whistle blower you know he's telling the truth, but slowly become a Rotary basher, that Rotary that you still belong.

Being in contradiction, you made the right choice to get out of this, as other did and go on with your Rotary life. Besides, for you and any one else who has supported this crusade, it's considered just a mishap involving a few individuals, now out of the picture.

For me, goes further than that. It is about an indecent expat community, living and poisoning an already ill country, that some of them, in association with some locals used the Rotary for cover up protection to unlawful business,others set up shop to misuse Rotary funds. As we go deeper in the way TRF is awarding to the clubs other peoples' money, paradoxically, favoring the cynical behavior of some applicants, that are not clubs, just individuals acting on their own, but talented and manipulators enough to bypass their club, banking on members' ignorance, and counting on their connections within TRF to make it look like the applicant is a Rotary club. There will be more on that soon. The trial-Dave Collins testimony

I will now publish a mail I received in January 2005, very few new about the existence of this. Again Bob, you were right on, as to their motivations to join the RAWCS....With a touch of arrogance as usual and insults to their opponents in Rotary....You wrote yours in late 2007, you didn't know that I had this in file received in 2005.The trial-Dave Collins testimony

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

 As for The last paragraph on the mail above, about Dave Collins losing his sleep over this "rotary thing" (sic!) Derek is referring to a mail received by Collins expressing his hostility towards the members of the ROTARY CLUB OF UPPER TAGBILARAN. Here is what he said:

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

If Dave and Baby Collins are dragging PP Luella Banta to the court just because she informed the Rotary community about the termination of their membership, without further comments, the members of the RCUT been badly libeled shouldn't they file charges just for the heck of telling the Rotary community"Look who's talking?"!!....






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