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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran. The trial part 1.

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran. The trial part 1. The Price to pay. Our masters' recipe on how to punish a president.

Rotary Club of Tagbilaran. The trial part 1.

The trial part 1.

By Evan Iliadis former Rotarian member of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran wrote: Rotary Club of Tagbilaran. The trial part 1.

Rotarians and friends, here I am again after a long break sitting back watching on events unfold in Bohol, so unusual and incomprehensible that strikes me as many others aware of the situation, as a masquerade taking place in a court of law in Tagbilaran Bohol Philippines.

Conflicts, misunderstanding rivalry exists within any group of people that gather to achieve a common goal, be a club, a church or a fraternity; usually will end up with the exclusion of one party preserving so the unity of the group, exclusion not always carefully and rightfully planned and executed. The last place you would have expect this to happen is the Rotary International. Is this the first time that happened? We don’t know. Don’t count on Rotary to tell you, neither on active Rotarians. It’s a secret. But this one is not a secret. Just a stupid one you might think? Not at all! It's an intimidation of barbarians, well trained foreigners rotarians against shy, law abide and mistrusting the judicial system Filipino citizens. 

Here is the complaint.

Give me a glass of wine please!

At the center stage of this unusual story are I, Evan Iliadis, former Rotarian member of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran, Derek Pyrah, chairman of the now defunct VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM (VAP for short) Dave and Baby Collins managers of the VAP in the Philippines and wannabe bosses of the Rotary club of Tagbilaran. There are some others to be introduced shortly. For those that are new on this blog and want to be familiar with the origin of the conflict they should take a look here 

As I mentioned in the page you just read, I received all kind of mails but I have never mentioned a particular one I was receiving from the beginning by some critics and sympathizers as well. They were accusing me of covering up the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran in my assertion that no one in the club knew about the embezzlement by the Collins and Derek Pyrah of Matching Grants Money and donations. As one put it Evan I don’t know a Rotary Club throughout the world that does not include at least one accountant, a lawyer and a few businessmen familiar with accounting and business practices. Taking a look on the classifications of the members of your club they were all there.” 

Indeed, a very embarrassing remark, nevertheless it comes from some one that has no clue how a typical club functions in the third world particularly the Philippines. This requires a separate topic to explain, it may come in a future update or may be down the road here. But the most embarrassing mail on the subject did not come from a Rotarian but an outsider who followed the events from day one and now follows the court proceedings closely. He does not understand what is taking place, who’s who, wants what and why. Frankly, I have been a bit disturbed by his remarks and questions to me, I feel the need to approach the facts with a touch of honesty as I always did and publicly as I always do. 

Before I reply to this fellow and go over the trial proceedings I owe you un update I promised long ago and for this we need The trial part revisit the 3860 District conference held in Cebu March 2008 where a jubilating DG Yumi Espina thought that he had accomplished so much during his tenure as governor that he deserved to throw a half Persepolis half Hollywood style party to the district expenses. The Canadian “dream team” he imported for the event was composed by a controversial PDG that came as “the personal envoy of the RI president” another one was the Rotary representative in the UN, two or three others unknown PP and PDG that gained some fame in their home town in Canada for bringing a few used laptops with them –obsolete in Canada dump them to the Philippines - plus of course the local cream of Rotarians and non. 

Abundance of gourmet food and drinks, dancers, parades, men in military uniform forming a sword canopy for the introduction of the big shots, speeches and crocodile tears about the poor and destitute the dream team wowed “to change all that” “Son et lumière” effects and much more. (Let me know if the life of the poor Cebuano has changed ever since)…The event appeared for awhile on the District’s web site with more than 300 photos then disappeared, not even cached pages can be found other than 2 or 3 bad quality clips on YouTube not worth a referral. Oh well… who cares about dream teams any more…

But Derek Pyrah did care and counting on, the dream team that is, for two things: One, put the Rotary club of Tagbilaran (RCT) out of business and let Collins create a new one from scratch, two, had the first fail as being too ambitious and hard to accomplish, pressure the DG Yumi Espina to rehabilitate former Rotarians Dave and Baby Collins and Deo Dioscoro and accommodate them to another club in the district. He worked out a clever plan implemented  as follows: 

He came to the event with his own "dream team" from Australia with PDG Bill Litle and a couple of others bringing with them, in addition to a camera a set of a band drums some rice and cans of sardines and some t-shirts. He opened shop inside the convention exposing the usual dramatic “pitsures” and PP presentations “where people can’t hold their tears “ etc. That’s all? No! he had in his suitcase two Paul Harris Fellow awards bought for Dave and Baby Collins (Remember, he was a Matching Grants trader and as such he had a big discount.) 

The trial part 1.

he was planning to use them as the most powerful weapon thinking that will bring such a confusion when used in the presence of Rotarians coming from about 90 clubs that all my work against the crooks will become obsolete and the RCT will be forced to take a more aggressive attitude against me “let’s kiss each other now and hell to this traitor Evan”

March 14th 2008 they charged the execution for the first step of the conspiracy to John Van-laar Past District Rotary Governor somewhere in Canada. He presented the PHF award bought by Pyrah to David Collins announcing him as a member of the RCT and to Baby Collins as a member of the Rotary club of …Cebu!.. in the presence of many members of the RCT on the DISCON event floor where the ceremony took place. 
But the truth is, none of the recipients was a member of the RCT, they deserted it in October of 2007 to avoid answering questions and stripped of their membership in January 2008 as you’ll soon have the opportunity to see the letter of termination. Even worst, how Baby Collins became a member of the Rotary club of Cebu without prior clearance and recommendation of her original club the RCT as required by the Rotary bylaws? They –Collins – say they didn’t know about their termination, didn’t they? Governor Espina didn’t know? If the governor doesn’t know who’s in who’s out in his district who does? Rotarians, trust me, they all knew, but it was in their agenda to pretend not to, in an attempt to ambush the RCT. And it worked. After the award ceremony the“ family photo” was 
The trial part 1.

taken as seen above with the capture published to the VAP web site. I took care immediately to dismantle their plans and lies by updating my web site and tell the world the truth here. But what I have told the world didn’t matter as much as where the RCT should go from here. A big challenge for inexperienced low profile Rotarians living in the third world recipients of Derek Pyrah’s rice and sardines facing a group of predators trained in subtle feathered manipulations and conspiracies in the first world.

Then, the gang put in place part 2 of the conspiracy plan. They brought both "dream teams" to Bohol to "see by themselves how the life on this island has changed thanks to those saviors sent by God to alleviate the misery...." What the poor would have endure without them!

The trial part 1.


 Reality is, this wasn't the reason that Pyrah and Collins brought them to Bohol but to demonstrate they were still the bosses deciding over life or death of the RCT sending them a message "submit or die" These high profile Rotarian people will not even say hello to you if you don't kiss their asses and comply with their orders consisting of reinstating the Collins plus - and most important - anathematize in a clear and strong way this traitor Evan ILIADIS who started this war against us. Indeed, they totaly ignored the RCT and even more the other club RCUT. They haven't visited any.

Once the smoke cleared and in the days that followed the attack the gang realized that no harm was done to the RCT as they anticipated. Desperate to capitalize on money and time spent firing bullets on the RCT Collins fired his last misile. Through his lawyer, he served a summon to the DG Yumi Espina asking him to delist the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran based on obscure, unfounded motives. Espina refuged the request, not for sympathy to the Club but for fear to the RI that is struggling to increase the membership and here comes a governor closing a club!... It was now clear to anyone the... evil team's demolition plan did not produce results, therefore going to rest or at least that's what every one thought.

Another glass of wine please!             


Friday, September 11, 2020

Rotary's 4 ways test as tested in a court of law.

Rotary's 4 ways test as tested in a court of law.

Friends. Reading the transcripts of 3 witnesses, I am very pleased of the way the defense attorneys are handling the case, that it goes all the way to hell for the plaintiffs and their supporters , if any... Rotary's 4 ways test as tested in a court of law.

Their (plaintiffs') lawyers have turned this case into unrelated events, like "what the VAP status is", "what was doing", "if is a Rotary or a "stand alone" (Derek's words) entity", "who send the anonymous letters and if they were read in the RCT regular meeting", and most important, if the witnesses "know a certain Evan Iliadis". It looks like the case is shifting from the defendant Luella Bantol and comes towards me. By the way, I'll be happy to be their guest. in this or any other case, any time they choose... Rotary's 4 ways test as tested in a court of law.

They thought they can link the defendant to the anonymous letters, or to a conspiracy with me for a demolition job. Reading the transcripts, none has succeeded. Rotarian Attorney Butchi Zamora and Attorney Acosta have done a marvelous job, so did the defendant in avoiding the trap Collins tried to put her in, by designating 16 witness mostly Rotarians, just for the purpose of intimidation, hoping she will settle the case in their (Plaintiffs) terms, so humiliating and face loosing.. More of that on the web site in a few days .

My older brother and best friend who has passed away now, was a prominent lawyer stationed in Greece and I was helping him with business litigation cases in the French speaking countries in Europe, said two things to remember:

1- “Never ask a witness a question if you don’t know what the answer will be”.

2- “Bring certain cases to the trial is an adventure difficult to predict the outcome. I have lost cases that I was considered 100% winnable and won others with the odds of winning being so small”.

It is clear now, the accusers understood, that even with 36 witnesses will never be able to have a case, the defendant will not settle it in their terms, possibly many witness are unhappy to take the stand against 

fellow Rotarian.

They chose to control the damages by putting Collins on the stand, probably as a final witness and rest their case with a bang. But it won’t happen, he hasn’t more to say than the others. The plaintiffs began their case by bringing 3 Rotarians to the witness stand for a demonstration on their knowledge about the 4 ways test, Rotary bylaws and....if they know a certain Evan Iliadis.... Anything else? Nothing related to the accusations, just to waist court's time and harassing the defendant.

Let's start with Maita Manglapus who was called to testify about the legality of informing the district clubs of the termination of a Rotarian. You think that's why they called her? Not really...

fore we analyze her real motivations it's good to go through some of the highlights on her testimony, You'll have the opportunity to see the entire deposition I will be uploading on the server in a few days. below is a first installment, and please, let me know if any one has heard the reading of the 4 ways test in a court as asked by the defense attorney and answered by the witness.

Club Presidents, Rotarians, be on notice. It is fair to all to be sued by your district for doing your job....Yes, I said the district, this witness is an Assistant Governor as there will be others Past AG and PP to testify against the defendant.

Q. "Madam witness, the filing of this case against the

defendant, who is a fellow Rotarian, do you believe it's fair to all concerned?"

A.Yes sir.

Q. Would it be beneficial to all concerned and lastly would it bring good will to all concerned?

A. Yes sir

Q. and how about the fact whether it could bring good will and friendship between the plaintiffs and the defendant?

A. It depends of the turnout of this case sir.

Then, attorney Zamora, a member of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran invited her for a demonstration on her knowledge of rotary bylaws that she, as an Assistant Governor, should have foul knowledge

Q. Madam witness, a notice of termination is not a personal act of the President but an act in accordance with the mandate of the board, is that correct?

A. Yes sir.

Q. So you will agree with me that this sending of the notice of termination is not a personal act of the defendant (Editor's note: PP Luella Bantol), but she made this one in her official capacity as a President because she was ordered as her actions was approved by the Board of Directors , is that correct?

A. Yes sir, but the channel of sending the letter is of course first to the District governor.

Q. In what particular provisions of the Rotary By-laws or constitution is that found, Madam witness?

A. I am not familiar with that.

Q. I believe we have here a copy of the constitution and the By-laws, please point in what particular provision is that found and I know you are very conversant of this being a past president of your club?

A. Shall I read it? I cannot.

Q. Ok. But you are a hundred % sure being being a the President that this provision is found in the constitution?

A. Yes sir.

ATTY ZAMORA: That's all your Honor.

CLICK HERE to see the original transcripts of the testimony above on a pop up window within this page . or CLICK HERE to see it on a different page. Please excuse the quality of the scans, they were done on a type writer and not printed from a computer.

As I stated above, you will soon have the opportunity to read the entire testimony containing about 50 pages where it was revealed what I always knew: Maita being " l'enfant cherie" du VAP didn't come to bring any essential testimony to the case.

She brought two things: Her total ignorance on Rotary Laws, her unconditional commitment to the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM where she has been an admirer to Collins dry toilets "architecture" , her business oblige, as a construction materials dealer. Oh! I forgot one thing: She was also asked if she knows me and if she received e-mails from me!... Oh well, waist of time... who haven't receive mails from me....


Is the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM a "Stand alone project"? And if it is, what this it means? In an attempt to confuse the members of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran Derek Pyrah and Dave Collins invented this status as justification of being sole handlers of the Matching Grants money and donations. CLICK HERE to see Derek Pyrah mail now an exhibit in the trial. Have a good laugh... TRF attributes the MG to clubs, not to "stand alone" entities...

Next in line is GRACE CAMPO former secretary of the RCT and now President of the ROTARY CLUB OF TUBIGON BOHOL PHILIPPINES. She testified in May of 2009. About what? I went through her 60 pages testimony several times without be able to find out what her testimony related to the case was about, other than praise the VILLAGE AIDE PROBLEM and, of course, if she knows a certain Evan Iliadis who is sending mails.... Of course she knows me!. She likes me so much, that in my last meeting in the RCT Aug 2007 she asked me several times and in the most anxious and sarcastic manner "when I was leaving?"...She had her reasons, I'll explain later.

Grace's testimony was directed by the plaintiffs attorney towards an anonymous letter that a group of Rotarians in Australia mass mailed to the district alerting the RCT and the district about the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM misusing Matching Grants, individual and Rotary clubs donations, explaining in details how the scam was setup by Derek Pyrah and the Collins using the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran as the laundry machine. I Evan Iliadis, joined the group and officially AND namely informed the RCT asking a formal investigation on the allegations. Why Grace is making a taboo of the content of this anonymous letter? She knows very well what it was about. She said and recanted, as to whether this letter was read in the regular meeting or not. Apparently, they try to link PP Luella Bantol - the defendant - to this mail. Then, later on, Atty Zamora for the defendant went on to to ask whether the VAP was a Rotary Organization or a "Stand alone"entity..

It is important to mention that is now revealed, the RCT through a mail (That I haven't see it personally but it comes from Grace testimony) Luella Bantol went swiftly to cut off club's relationship with the VAP informing the managers members of the club the end of collaboration. Basically, she threw the towel...

Let's read some excerpts of Grace testimony: CLICK HERE to see a few pages of the transcripts

Next In a few days: The testimony of former Rotarian Cory Ann Verge, as controversial as the person is, part of the crowd of "philanthropist" organizations mashrooming in Bohol, hers not being an exception. She's the most pissed off of the fall of the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM. she has turned a camp built with donations from good people to a resort with payable activities , like wedding, family events and for what ever reason one wants to rent the place.More on that and her testimony coming soon.