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Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

 Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

Let’s repeat it once again: Rotary International is not the place to donate or trust its members to do business with. That’s what Robert Laura  said: Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

Unlike hate crimes that are committed across racial, ethnic or religious lines, Affinity Fraud targets members of identifiable groups, such as religious or civic organizations, ethnic communities, elderly people and even professional associations.  Fraudsters infiltrate a group and seek to exploit the trust and friendship among its members. Often times they get a long-standing or high ranking member(s) of the group to unwittingly endorse the scheme and the scam spreads faster than a California wildfire. 

Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

And this is what Evan ILIADIS said about trust in Rotary in 2009
Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale
When I first posted this entry on the site Village Aide Program  the Rotary Community in Australia and Philippines had been shaken from top to the bottom, heads rolled down, the site had 600 visitors a day, not bad for a blog written in broken English, often times hard to describe, for Rotarians and non, how the scam was working. Besides, I realized after words that the community at large, especially the younger generation doesn’t care that much for this organization, membership numbers go down year after year. Let’s read an excerpt. Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale 

You are a new President and don’t know how to successfully apply for an MG? (Matching Grant)

Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale
The VAP (Village Aide Program) has the best you can find in the org. Top quality, always fresh, certified, audited by two Rotary districts, no bugs or defects.. And it’s free! They will even pay you to apply!.Derek Pyrah and his lieutenant script writer Dave Collins will do all the paper work for you! It will look professional will look good, a good looking application!

All you as the president will have to do is sign the 4th page without ever seen the content of the first 3 pages! Easy! They will mail your application to the TRF for approval and it’s done! Almost… We’ll see later why. But unfortunately these MG are not odorless… In fact, are stinky. Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale To obtain one you must agree that Rotarian engineer Dave Collins will erect a waterless dry toilet in a school. It’s his business. (See highlighted portion on the advertisement page left). You must also provide a crew on a daily basis to clean up the mess before it looks like this.  


Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

Has plenty of sawdust available to throw in, if not, the smell will certainly reach Derek Pyrah’s office in Australia, even worst, Collins mansion in Panglao creating you trouble for lack of maintenance! Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

But aren’t all negative. There is also the fun part. Once they will show you the bill (300.000 pesos) prepare yourself for a big loud laugh, hysterical, a long laugh as you hadn’t since long time. Because you don’t need to be an architect or builder to evaluate the real cost which is maximum the third of it. Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

You don’t even need a calculator. Is so obvious, a simple Filipino construction laborer can see it! As for the water collection system, water filtration, medicines distributed “by a licensed Pharmacist of the Philippines Board” we’ll tell you more shortly. Be patient, you’ll know everything. Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale 

Now, in the first paragraph of this column, I mentioned about how easy it is – thanks to the support of Pyrah and Collins- to obtain an MG. There is an important detail you should know before applying. The TRF (Rotary Foundation) requires your club has a bank account like this. Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale


Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

 They (Collins and Pyrah) will ask you as a president, to demonstrate the ability to keep members’ eyes out of this account. Even though Dave Collins will be your coach and explain you how he did it in the ROTARY CLUB OF TAGBILARAN, still you will need some training on your own to achieve this extremely challenging requirement which will determine if you will be admitted in the inner circle of the “Brothers in Scam” as a trusted lieutenant, or your project will be implemented with the money handled and monitored by Dave Collins. Upon completion, you will be asked to sign the final report to be submitted to TRF containing misleading facts like this.

Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale

What is misleading? He built the toilets with his own workers in violation of the “conflict of interest” provision as clearly described in the RF MG terms and conditions by paying Philippines wages for a total cost as generously estimated  in his favor  by 6 engineers of 1 500 US$ each and told TRF that a construction company named GUILBERT VALLES performed the job and paid them 6 000 US$ each. Do you still want it?

Mr President of any club in the Philippines and elsewhere, my advice to you is this: Stay away from this kind of crooked business. Don’t be credulous, to believe Derek Pyrah is here to help you. He desperately needs clubs to invest the money he’s raising in Australia. How he and Collins are benefiting from this investment? We have already explained how the laundry machine is working in previous postings, but seen the circumstances we need to revisit the topic to refresh our memories. This will be done in the next update.

June 1st, 2014. More than 6 years later, what has changed?

-Derek Pyrah is nowhere to be found, not a single trace of presence in the Organization, at least on the surface. He joined some kind of Mormon church trying a repeat, but it doesn’t seem to work. As this witty Rotarian put it recently, “he’s long gone in the landfill”, the logical consequences of attacks coming from everywhere, except from the Rotary. Thanks to his family and some friends in AU who largely contributed to his fall, we can safely assume he’s a dead man. For the Rotary International all we can say is:  “Shame on the Rotary International for covering up his actions for years”.  Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale   

-Dave and Baby Collins. They don’t give up. The blow inflicted by Evan Iliadis had severe consequences on these crooks. Both are expelled from the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran as undesirables. However, with the help of some partners in the scam in Cebu and Tubigon, they have been able to do some crooked business again, this time selling Clean Water filters, less stinky than the toilets, but still cheap and worthless, yet overpriced and paid with Matching Grant money. More on that on the next entries. Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale 

Rotary International Matching Grants for Sale


About Rotary International Wall of Shame

About Rotary International Wall of Shame Matching grants architects

About Rotary International Wall of Shame

Rotary International Matching Grants donations fraud  and scams in the third world. Rotary International Wall of Shame. About Rotary International Wall of Shame

So, you are in some kind of business and told that joining the Rotary International will result in instant success, both in finance and community fame. People will look at you like a caring leader, someone who goes the extra mile spending   time and money in charitable events or disaster relieves. Depending the part of the globe you live, you may, or may not be aware of their existence, you benefit or not of their “generosity” and “compassion”. About Rotary International Wall of Shame

If youAbout Rotary International Wall of Shame live in a rich country like, say, an average normal citizen, chances are you haven’t heard anything about Rotary. If you’re in the business of, say, medium size, or a politician, a lawyer, doctor or a professional on at least 6 figures first world income, then, you have certainly heard something. About Rotary International Wall of Shame

As a well educated professional, you evaluated the potential return (or not) on your investment that will cost you anywhere from 300 to 600 US$ for the year, minimum, more if you opt to buy the Paul Harris Fellow Award at the cost of

$US 1000. But honestly, the last thing you have in mind, is you join the organization for service to the community. 

There isn’t such thing in the Rotary. There never was. At best, you may feel better that you have donated a bit of your time to save a distressed person somewhere in the third world, but all you accomplished, is helping some fat leaders in the local community gaining more weight. About Rotary International Wall of Shame

Because socialites and egomaniacs, they care more about showing the latest guarderobe and jewelry they wearing during the events than helping the poor.

Like this picture on the left. You’ll know more about them later. I’m closing this preamble by leaving it up to the history and the Rotary its self to judge if the organization ever had any credibility, other than an admitted business club, a members’ self service first club. About Rotary International Wall of Shame

Thus, almost inevitably, was heavily criticized by some people and was lampooned in plays and books, perhaps most successfully by Sinclair Lewis (right) in ‘Babbitt’. Here Rotary was barely disguised as the ‘Boosters’ . (read the first few chapters of Babbitt on our website, with a link to all chapters.” See early critics About Rotary International Wall of Shame

About Rotary International Wall of Shame

“The History Library Babbitt – Sinclair Lewis – 1922 RGHF notes: Over the years, there have been many criticisms of the Rotary movement, some of the most scathing coming in the pages of Rotary’s own journals. Even Paul Harris, so it is said, was somewhat disillusioned by the way in which his original club refused to allow development elsewhere. He was also less than happy that it had become a self-help organization with a ‘transaction register’ of deals, a far cry from his conception of a club to work for the community in which it was based.

Thus, almost inevitably, was heavily criticized by some people and was lampooned in plays and books, perhaps most successfully by Sinclair Lewis (right) in ‘Babbitt’. Here Rotary was barely disguised as the ‘Boosters’ . (read the first few chapters of Babbitt on our website, with a link to all chapters.” See early critics
About Rotary International Wall of Shame

We’ll explain you in details the modus operandi of the (not) so sophisticated scam the “partners”  are using  to “invest” the donations from good people to the Rotary. But first, let’s see what others have to say about the integrity of the Rotary members, those who speak and write better English than Evan Iliadis  which doesn’t make much of a difference, provided, “what matters is what I say and not how I say it” Here is one from the venerable Forbes Magazine  A bout Rotary International Wall of Shame

About Rotary International Wall of Shame
About Rotary International Wall of Shame Forbes magazine


Let’s put the key sentence of this article below

“Unlikhate crimes that are committed across racial, ethnic or religious lines, Affinity Fraud targets members of identifiable groups, such as religious or civic organizations, ethnic communities, elderly people and even professional associations.  Fraudsters infiltrate a group and seek to exploit the trust and friendship among its members. Often times, they get a long-standing or high ranking member(s) of the group to unwittingly endorse the scheme and the scam spreads faster than a California wildfire.”  About Rotary International Wall of Shame

Wow! Not so kind!.. The finest of the fine by  Robert Laura. Talk about… Talk the talk lol! 

Another high caliber blogger is Andrew Drummond 

About Rotary International Wall of Shame


About Rotary International Wall of Shame Andrew Durmmond

No one knows The expat community better than Andrew, Their clubs, plots and conspiracies, including Rotarians, Rizalists and other “honorable societies” He has also described them on a YouTube video. Take a look  About Rotary International Wall of Shame

Run Andrews Drummond  YouTube clip and see also who's the guy in the middle.


About Rotary International Wall of Shame


 And this one: from Herald and Post ( This newspaper is now off the line. I linked to another page whit he a similar story, another Rotarian's crooked business. Click on.

Rotary club treasurer admits fraud of the club’s accounts 

About Rotary International Wall of Shame

About Rotary International Wall of Shame Rotary treasurer admits fraud


We don’t know if he was sentenced by a court of law, but no word from the Rotary. They don’t have a wall of shame in their organization. To the contrary, they pretend “no see no hear” policy covering up crooks. We’ll do the dirty job instead. For the good of the community, for the good of those with a big heart who give with no questions asked. They should…

And this one from

Developer, convicted killer with Macon ties jailed for fraud About Rotary International Wall of Shame

About Rotary International Wall of Shame Developer,-convicted-killer-with-Macon-ties-jailed-for-fraud

About Rotary International Wall of Shame

A Fernandina Beach, Fla. man who once served prison time for killing a prominent DC lobbyist was convicted of swindling couples with sham investments.

Furman Otis Clark Jr., 65, a land developer and prominent Rotary Club member, was found guilty Tuesday on charges of fraud, grand theft and money laundering.Rotary International Matching Grants

And this one from BBC


Ex-rotary club president jailed for £3m fraud About Rotary International Wall of Shame Ex-rotary-club-president-jailed-for-£3m-fraud

“The former Frinton Rotary Club president was a respected member of the Essex seaside town’s social set and used this status to gain trust, the court heard.

Prosecutor Rakesh Somaia said Dickinson promised returns to investors by trading in foreign investments.  About Rotary International Wall of Shame

Victims included fellow rotary members and golf, cricket and tennis club friends.

“His membership of the rotary club in particular was a sign to many investors that he could be trusted,” Mr Somaia said.

Mr Somaia said some victims used their life savings, cashed in pension funds or remortgaged their homes, he added.”   About Rotary International Wall of Shame

I could go on and on, fill in pages and pages about Rotarian fraudsters around the world. But is time now to get started with the main reason I’m here. The scams involving Rotarians that never made it to the headlines, the fraud of millions of Dollars distributed to scammers around the world with the full knowledge of the Rotary Foundation that quashes the whistle blowers for the heck of avoiding scandals and image reputation, never mind the protection they offer to felons and crooks.


 About Rotary International Wall of Shame



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The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.
The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

The trial-Dave Collins testimony

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.


The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

o, is not over. Because no one wants it over….! I whish some would, so I can shutdown this site and go to Disneyland! But no way!... They all like the saga,including the RI, even Collins enjoy it, hoping I will detail his testimony on this blog as it is said in court. I will, but not yet. His testimony is still in the early stage, he has only testified for 40 minutes the first day and postponed the continuation to 35 days later. Talk about rush!...The trial-Dave Collins testimony

May be he finds the proceedings entertaining, the talk of the Rotary community, the occasion to talk about his PHF awards and his contribution to the poverty alleviation in the Philippines using other peoples’ money. But who’s listening? The judge? He doesn’t care about awards and medical missions. He’s there to find out if any one has been libeled and why. The trial-Dave Collins testimony

The court audience? It is exclusively composed by members of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran vested in their club attire coming in support to their PP – the accused – Luella Bantol. But me, Evan, I’m listening more than any one else, willing to share the truth with the Rotary community and others. As you already guessed it, I fully disagree, that’s why I’m here again.The trial-Dave Collins testimony

I will skip Former Rotarian Cory Anne Verge testimony.. Nothing to read about, a waist of bandwidth, same garbage as the previous two witnesses, better go directly to Collins garbage......

Lets get started. I will paste below a sentence of his deposition during direct examination by his lawyer as the first point of disagreement, a shameful distortion of the facts, a slap in the face of the Rotary Club of Corrimal in Australia and others The trial-Dave Collins testimony

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.


The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

He’s talking here about his brother Tom Collins living in the USA, having no ties to the Philippines, I’m not sure if he has ever visited the country. This is the best joke I’ve ever heard, rivaled only to the statements some other witnesses previously made, as to whether or not the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM was a Rotary organization or not.

So, what it was? What else an organization where the board of directors, the managers, the supporters, were all exclusively Rotarians? An organization endorsed as a Rotary project by the Rotary district 9750 in Australia AND the Rotary district 3860 in the Philippines? An organization funded by Rotary clubs and individual donations given by Rotarians? Where part of these donations was “ invested” as seed money to the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran applications for Matching Grants? Rotary was everywhere in his speeches, actions and criticism too. The trial-Dave Collins testimony

Folks, in the year 2001, as he put the creation of the VAP, there was nothing. Zero activity. Dave and Baby Collins, like any other expat who builds a luxury mansion in the middle of a hungry and suffering indigenous locals, had to buy some peace for being arrogant. They had received several complains for installing high voltage electrified wires right on the shore where their mansion is, 6 trained German Shepherd dogs their barking would be heard way far in the village, armed guards 24/24 in the entrance, labor disputes with their workers over payment of wages and more. No other expat in the area felt the need of such security measures. They were afraid of whom and for what?

Feeling the hostile climate closing in, they launched an image polishing operation in their neighborhood, giving away a few kilos of rice here, some cans of sardines there, some used clothing and vitamins. In the year 2002, Collins met Derek Pyrah, a member of the Rotary club of Corrimal in AU, who at that time was with an INTERPLAST medical mission in Bohol and together started weaving the dream, be partners on a scam to defraud the Rotary that is, each bringing his talent and competence as needed. So, where was Tom Collins? No one ever heard about him as been part of the VAP. The rest of the story, what happened there after, no need to be mentioned today. It was said and repeated time and again, but if new on this site, or need refreshing your memory, click on the links to the left and read.

In another part of his deposition we can read this: The trial-Dave Collins testimony



Yeah, right

Yeah, right, already in evidence… But he didn’t say when it was incorporated! It was in December 2007 and after my revelations, in rush and panic, because they were conducting construction business like building stinky dry -waterless- toilets and useless water tanks without the proper business licenses!... click here to see the “evidence” document he’s talking about The trial-Dave Collins testimony

Then, CoDave Colins went on glorifying the VAP golden years of 2006-2007 where plenty of Matching Grants money, ( about $US 100,000.00) and the same amount from Clubs and individuals -Rotarians around the world. He said: “ Never in the history of our district has any club been granted 5 Matching Grants simultaneously” But he should add , “Not even in the history of TRF (Rotary foundation) this has happened before”

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.


So, how this has happened? Dave Collins is opening the Pandora’s box, in my turn, I’m opening the bag releasing Aeolus fierce winds, as destructive to the evil they can be, but as serene the day after may be. There will be an extensive discussion and presentation of facts as to how Collins ( Not the Rotary club of Tagbilaran) have been able to obtain 5 MG at once, while others are standing in line for years trying to find a sponsor to get just one! But first this The trial-Dave Collins testimony

.-All along this investigation that started 2 years ago, I have received valuable support and information from just simple members of a Rotary club, to true Rotarians, up to high ranking Rotarians from AU and the Philippines. They all were and still are active members-with the exception of one – . As you’ll read below in a sample of un unpublished yet correspondence, they all loved and cared about Rotary, advising me, that I should focus on those few who dishonored its reputation, but spare Rotary’s one. The trial-Dave Collins testimony

Lets take a look, please, it’s important that you notice the sending date. For confidentiality reasons, I erased anything that could identify this prominent Rotarian, I will be addressing him as “Bob”, not his real name, but so popular name in AU!.... Elaine, as mentioned, he means Elaine Lyttle, an early fighter struggled to control the damages the VAP suffered, but no success. The double DD, is about the initials of Dave and Derek. Here is the mail. It was in response to some answers I was looking about the RAWCS.


The trial-Dave Collins testimony.


The trial-Dave Collins testimony.


The Rotary should be flattered for having such dedicated Rotarians in its ranks, as I was once, “Bob” sent this in, when he felt how determined I was to unmask anyone, going further than the VAP and the double Ds, but not knowing everything I had in file that implicates more than that, including RI directors and most incriminating, Matching Grants approving supervisors sitting in Evanston.

Bob, with all due respect, I thank you very much for all your support, I assure you that no hard feeling here for your decision to remain silent for long time now, as others did the same. I understand that my persistence of going all the way to the truth, regardless the rampage living behind, interfered with your desire to be limited to just a few bad apples and spare those who permitted the fraud. The trial-Dave Collins testimony

I put you on a cruel dilemma of having to continue supporting a whistle blower you know he's telling the truth, but slowly become a Rotary basher, that Rotary that you still belong.

Being in contradiction, you made the right choice to get out of this, as other did and go on with your Rotary life. Besides, for you and any one else who has supported this crusade, it's considered just a mishap involving a few individuals, now out of the picture.

For me, goes further than that. It is about an indecent expat community, living and poisoning an already ill country, that some of them, in association with some locals used the Rotary for cover up protection to unlawful business,others set up shop to misuse Rotary funds. As we go deeper in the way TRF is awarding to the clubs other peoples' money, paradoxically, favoring the cynical behavior of some applicants, that are not clubs, just individuals acting on their own, but talented and manipulators enough to bypass their club, banking on members' ignorance, and counting on their connections within TRF to make it look like the applicant is a Rotary club. There will be more on that soon. The trial-Dave Collins testimony

I will now publish a mail I received in January 2005, very few new about the existence of this. Again Bob, you were right on, as to their motivations to join the RAWCS....With a touch of arrogance as usual and insults to their opponents in Rotary....You wrote yours in late 2007, you didn't know that I had this in file received in 2005.The trial-Dave Collins testimony

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

 As for The last paragraph on the mail above, about Dave Collins losing his sleep over this "rotary thing" (sic!) Derek is referring to a mail received by Collins expressing his hostility towards the members of the ROTARY CLUB OF UPPER TAGBILARAN. Here is what he said:

The trial-Dave Collins testimony.

If Dave and Baby Collins are dragging PP Luella Banta to the court just because she informed the Rotary community about the termination of their membership, without further comments, the members of the RCUT been badly libeled shouldn't they file charges just for the heck of telling the Rotary community"Look who's talking?"!!....






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Rotary's 4 ways test as tested in a court of law.

Rotary's 4 ways test as tested in a court of law.

Friends. Reading the transcripts of 3 witnesses, I am very pleased of the way the defense attorneys are handling the case, that it goes all the way to hell for the plaintiffs and their supporters , if any... Rotary's 4 ways test as tested in a court of law.

Their (plaintiffs') lawyers have turned this case into unrelated events, like "what the VAP status is", "what was doing", "if is a Rotary or a "stand alone" (Derek's words) entity", "who send the anonymous letters and if they were read in the RCT regular meeting", and most important, if the witnesses "know a certain Evan Iliadis". It looks like the case is shifting from the defendant Luella Bantol and comes towards me. By the way, I'll be happy to be their guest. in this or any other case, any time they choose... Rotary's 4 ways test as tested in a court of law.

They thought they can link the defendant to the anonymous letters, or to a conspiracy with me for a demolition job. Reading the transcripts, none has succeeded. Rotarian Attorney Butchi Zamora and Attorney Acosta have done a marvelous job, so did the defendant in avoiding the trap Collins tried to put her in, by designating 16 witness mostly Rotarians, just for the purpose of intimidation, hoping she will settle the case in their (Plaintiffs) terms, so humiliating and face loosing.. More of that on the web site in a few days .

My older brother and best friend who has passed away now, was a prominent lawyer stationed in Greece and I was helping him with business litigation cases in the French speaking countries in Europe, said two things to remember:

1- “Never ask a witness a question if you don’t know what the answer will be”.

2- “Bring certain cases to the trial is an adventure difficult to predict the outcome. I have lost cases that I was considered 100% winnable and won others with the odds of winning being so small”.

It is clear now, the accusers understood, that even with 36 witnesses will never be able to have a case, the defendant will not settle it in their terms, possibly many witness are unhappy to take the stand against 

fellow Rotarian.

They chose to control the damages by putting Collins on the stand, probably as a final witness and rest their case with a bang. But it won’t happen, he hasn’t more to say than the others. The plaintiffs began their case by bringing 3 Rotarians to the witness stand for a demonstration on their knowledge about the 4 ways test, Rotary bylaws and....if they know a certain Evan Iliadis.... Anything else? Nothing related to the accusations, just to waist court's time and harassing the defendant.

Let's start with Maita Manglapus who was called to testify about the legality of informing the district clubs of the termination of a Rotarian. You think that's why they called her? Not really...

fore we analyze her real motivations it's good to go through some of the highlights on her testimony, You'll have the opportunity to see the entire deposition I will be uploading on the server in a few days. below is a first installment, and please, let me know if any one has heard the reading of the 4 ways test in a court as asked by the defense attorney and answered by the witness.

Club Presidents, Rotarians, be on notice. It is fair to all to be sued by your district for doing your job....Yes, I said the district, this witness is an Assistant Governor as there will be others Past AG and PP to testify against the defendant.

Q. "Madam witness, the filing of this case against the

defendant, who is a fellow Rotarian, do you believe it's fair to all concerned?"

A.Yes sir.

Q. Would it be beneficial to all concerned and lastly would it bring good will to all concerned?

A. Yes sir

Q. and how about the fact whether it could bring good will and friendship between the plaintiffs and the defendant?

A. It depends of the turnout of this case sir.

Then, attorney Zamora, a member of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran invited her for a demonstration on her knowledge of rotary bylaws that she, as an Assistant Governor, should have foul knowledge

Q. Madam witness, a notice of termination is not a personal act of the President but an act in accordance with the mandate of the board, is that correct?

A. Yes sir.

Q. So you will agree with me that this sending of the notice of termination is not a personal act of the defendant (Editor's note: PP Luella Bantol), but she made this one in her official capacity as a President because she was ordered as her actions was approved by the Board of Directors , is that correct?

A. Yes sir, but the channel of sending the letter is of course first to the District governor.

Q. In what particular provisions of the Rotary By-laws or constitution is that found, Madam witness?

A. I am not familiar with that.

Q. I believe we have here a copy of the constitution and the By-laws, please point in what particular provision is that found and I know you are very conversant of this being a past president of your club?

A. Shall I read it? I cannot.

Q. Ok. But you are a hundred % sure being being a the President that this provision is found in the constitution?

A. Yes sir.

ATTY ZAMORA: That's all your Honor.

CLICK HERE to see the original transcripts of the testimony above on a pop up window within this page . or CLICK HERE to see it on a different page. Please excuse the quality of the scans, they were done on a type writer and not printed from a computer.

As I stated above, you will soon have the opportunity to read the entire testimony containing about 50 pages where it was revealed what I always knew: Maita being " l'enfant cherie" du VAP didn't come to bring any essential testimony to the case.

She brought two things: Her total ignorance on Rotary Laws, her unconditional commitment to the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM where she has been an admirer to Collins dry toilets "architecture" , her business oblige, as a construction materials dealer. Oh! I forgot one thing: She was also asked if she knows me and if she received e-mails from me!... Oh well, waist of time... who haven't receive mails from me....


Is the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM a "Stand alone project"? And if it is, what this it means? In an attempt to confuse the members of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran Derek Pyrah and Dave Collins invented this status as justification of being sole handlers of the Matching Grants money and donations. CLICK HERE to see Derek Pyrah mail now an exhibit in the trial. Have a good laugh... TRF attributes the MG to clubs, not to "stand alone" entities...

Next in line is GRACE CAMPO former secretary of the RCT and now President of the ROTARY CLUB OF TUBIGON BOHOL PHILIPPINES. She testified in May of 2009. About what? I went through her 60 pages testimony several times without be able to find out what her testimony related to the case was about, other than praise the VILLAGE AIDE PROBLEM and, of course, if she knows a certain Evan Iliadis who is sending mails.... Of course she knows me!. She likes me so much, that in my last meeting in the RCT Aug 2007 she asked me several times and in the most anxious and sarcastic manner "when I was leaving?"...She had her reasons, I'll explain later.

Grace's testimony was directed by the plaintiffs attorney towards an anonymous letter that a group of Rotarians in Australia mass mailed to the district alerting the RCT and the district about the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM misusing Matching Grants, individual and Rotary clubs donations, explaining in details how the scam was setup by Derek Pyrah and the Collins using the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran as the laundry machine. I Evan Iliadis, joined the group and officially AND namely informed the RCT asking a formal investigation on the allegations. Why Grace is making a taboo of the content of this anonymous letter? She knows very well what it was about. She said and recanted, as to whether this letter was read in the regular meeting or not. Apparently, they try to link PP Luella Bantol - the defendant - to this mail. Then, later on, Atty Zamora for the defendant went on to to ask whether the VAP was a Rotary Organization or a "Stand alone"entity..

It is important to mention that is now revealed, the RCT through a mail (That I haven't see it personally but it comes from Grace testimony) Luella Bantol went swiftly to cut off club's relationship with the VAP informing the managers members of the club the end of collaboration. Basically, she threw the towel...

Let's read some excerpts of Grace testimony: CLICK HERE to see a few pages of the transcripts

Next In a few days: The testimony of former Rotarian Cory Ann Verge, as controversial as the person is, part of the crowd of "philanthropist" organizations mashrooming in Bohol, hers not being an exception. She's the most pissed off of the fall of the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM. she has turned a camp built with donations from good people to a resort with payable activities , like wedding, family events and for what ever reason one wants to rent the place.More on that and her testimony coming soon.


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

case closed

 Case closed Yeah! Right!! You're free to redo it again... That's what the Rotary Foundation decided. After all it's other peoples' money. Who cares?

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Terminating Rotarian's membership


Terminating Rotarian's membership

Terminating Rotarian's membership.

Terminating Rotarian's membership
Who decide on the legality of a Rotarian's termination? The Rotary or a Court of Law? Who ever does, doing the laundry "a la Française", known to the world for its cathartic properties will be beneficial to all..... Terminating Rotarian's membership

By Evan Iliadis former Rotarian member of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran

Terminating Rotarian's membership

So, they (plaintive) wanted the club to be tender with their exclusion discretely and no noise, almost didn't request a farewell ceremony in compensation for their thousands of dollars scam. but it didn't happen that way. Now, as you'll go through the evidence presented by the parties, you'll notice the Collins don't really have much to show for making a solid case; some PHF awards that Derek Pyrah purchased for him and his wife at the cost $1000 each, they got 7 of these "awards" paid by Pyrah with donors' money, Because of this lucrative transaction that profited the RI, the latest awarded him the "service above self award" lack of existing a self service award which they deserved instead. So he's counting on witness -mostly Rotarians to advance his case. Oh! suddenly,Bernard Madoff came to my mind. He too had plenty of awards from top sitting guys. It looks like the more con artist you are the better chances you have to be awarded. 

Terminating Rotarian's membership

The accused has plenty to show. Everything taken from my allegations to the crooks as I first published on the ROTARY CLUB OF TAGBILARAN web site.Can this be a vindication? Ironically yes! But they are using my discoveries as being the defendants and not the plaintive as it should be!. That's the sad part. The good thing is, thanks to this trial, the TRF comes out naked, in full disturbing contradiction, careless, giving to the critiques plenty to think about, and with no exaggeration a certain level of corruption among the MG decision makers. Lets take a look in the complain.

below you can read a summary of the evidences and a partial list of witness that in due time we'll make their testimony available to you.

Terminating Rotarian's membership

Terminating Rotarian's membership

Terminating Rotarian's membership